1) Plastic is Poison:

Single-use plastics are a plague on our environment, our health, and future generations. They need to go! The amount of unnecessary plastic produced on a daily basis is beyond staggering. “Forever Plastic” are named that for a reason. They break down into smaller plastic parts or degrade slightly, but they never really go away. Ton for ton, it is predicted that by mid-century, the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish.

2) Made in the USA:

We are proudly one of the few paper straw manufacturers in the entire United States. We want to build strong communities by hiring local workers and establishing long-term relationships with other U.S. based businesses. We put people over profit!

3) Girl Power!:

We are a woman owned, mother-daughter business who built this company from the ground up. We believe in our mission and we believe in each other. Small businesses are literally the heart and soul of most neighborhoods and communities, and we want to put Roc Paper Straws on the map and help make a difference on our beautiful planet, no matter how big or how small.

4) The Love of Animals:

Plastics and micro-plastics are poisoning and killing animals daily. Unintentional ingestion, suffocation and strangulation has significantly been on the rise among wildlife due to the actions (and inactions) of humans. We are the ones producing these harmful products, so we also need to be the ones to reduce them.

5) Product Proud!:

Not only are our straws super durable and long-lasting, our company has been extremely conscience and diligent about not using any icky chemicals in the production and fulfillment process. The paper we use is sustainably sourced. The inks, glue, and oils are all non-toxic / food-grade quality. Even the oils we use in our machinery are food-grade. We don’t use any fillers in our Full Case & ½ Case shipping boxes because they are sized perfectly, so everything fits nice and neat. If we do use any packing material, it comes from the run-off straw paper that we accumulate. No nasty packing peanuts here! All of our shipping materials can be recycled, along with the straw boxes once they are empty. Whoo-Hooo!

We only use craft paper tape for sealing our boxes and the clear sticker on our product box is made from a compostable material. Since our straws are paper and contain no harmful chemicals, they can be mixed in with your home compost and many commercial composting services. The straws can also be recycled, but not all recycling plants can handle small objects, such as a paper straw. Please check with your local facility to see what their restrictions are.