Ashley’s Signature Restaurant

“Not all paper straws are made the same and we have been through A LOT of them! Most paper straws we’ve used in the past need to be switched out for new ones after one drink, or sometimes even half a drink, because of their sogginess! When we tried Roc Paper Straws we knew something was different. These straws are not only eco-friendly but strong enough to make it through several drinks and stirs before needing to be replaced and it’s one component of the bar that we don’t need to worry about and where we get our money’s worth! Can’t recommend RPS enough!”

Wendi Loyet, Owner
CRISP Rochester

“Roc Paper Straws produce the BEST eoc-friendly straws in Rochester!  We use the sleek, black, unwrapped straws and our guests love them. We are so happy to support another amazing woman-owned small business!”

Jen Brunett, Owner & Manager
Iron Smoke Distillery

“We have tried so many different eco-friendly straws. Nothing has ever held up. They break, they get soggy, we can’t find a fun color to match our brand. Then along comes Roc Paper Straws and we were unanimously impressed (guests, too!). We have the color we’ve been searching for and they are solid with zero squish factor. I have heard no complaints from our guests, either. As a bonus, Karrie and crew are amazing to work with and we are supporting local, too! We love Roc Paper Straws!

Greg Libby, Bar Manager
Swiftwater Brewing     

“Although we don’t have a lot of people drinking beer through a straw at the brewery, we’re proud to carry Roc Paper Straws for all other beverages! As a community brewery focused on minimal waste, it’s great to know that a great product is being created by people right around the corner in our great neighborhood.”

John Roth, Owner
John’s Tex Mex

“My staff and I really like the paper straws from Roc Paper Straws. They last for hours in soft drinks and cocktails. Whether using them in smoothies, cocktails or soda, they hold up better than any other brand I have tried. I love that they are American made, too.”

Voula Katsetos-Garwood, Owner
Voula’s Greek Sweets

“The best earth-friendly straws out there! And super cute to boot! VGS is so happy to support another amazing woman-owned small business.”

Lizze and Ronnie, Owners
Le Petit Poutinerie

“These babies give paper straws a good name! Not only are they good for the environment, but they actually work without getting flimsy. We love watching our customers be surprised by how long they last. And they are locally-produced and woman-owned? Come on.”

Chris Jones, Owner
Historic Houseparts

“Excited to find this eco-friendly product is made right here in Rochester! These paper straws have a great retro vibe and are perfect for any vintage-styled commercial or residential kitchen.”


Tori Sherelis, Bar Manager
Dicky’s Corner Pub

“We tried a lot of different paper straws in search for a new vendor and most of them honestly sucked. Yours very much did not suck, they held up very well.”

Valerie Clapp, Owner
Bodega on Park

“Roc Paper Straws, honestly, pretty awesome! Bodega customers love the color assortment. How fun! We love them because they hold up, they don’t get soggy, and the colors don’t bleed. They’re paper, so good environment vibes, and local, something to celebrate. Happy to support yet another stellar Rochester brand. Thanks for making our choices easier and more enjoyable!”

Keven Adams, Manager
Lux Lounge

“These are the best straws out there. Since, our business made the switch from plastic, to paper straws we have never looked back. But it wasn’t an easy road. At first, we had to import inferior product from overseas—and after these questionable, substandard paper straws arrived—they were wrapped in mountains of plastic!?!

As one of the most popular, high-traffic bars/clubs in New York State, we like to lead by example—and since making the switch to Roc Paper Straws—made right here in America— I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting in my drink—or where it came from. We’ve bypassed the plastic, reduced our carbon footprint, and helped save not only the integrity of our business, but also the integrity of our beverages!

Hot or cold, these durable, biodegradable straws stand up to the most demanding cocktails we serve, ensuring that they will last in our drinks—and not in our beaches and waterways! With Roc Paper Straws, we will never again have to compromise quality for a plastic-free environment. Keep on Roc’n!!!”