Pink & White Striped Paper Straws


These playful pink straws are cute, friendly, and hopelessly romantic. If they had cheeks, you would definitely want to pinch them!

These little cuties have bubble gum attitudes and cotton candy personalities. Sassy & sweet! Don’t be fooled into thinking pink is only for princess parties and wedding showers. Pink is power, so embrace it! Put that pastel soda sucker in your drink and go from flat to fabulous! Presto Change-O!

All our Straws are: Eco-Friendly / Marine Safe / Biodegradable / Gluten-Free / Compostable / Food-Grade / Super Durable / Fun & Functional / Made in the USA

Straw Dimensions: 7.75inches tall / 8mm OD (outer Diameter) / 6mm ID (inner Diameter)