Yellow & White Striped Paper Straws


More of a Colonel Mustard than a Little Miss Sunshine. Golden and embolden…or a mellow yellow. Whatever you’ve got planned, this straw is up for anything.

These little beauties look like a ray of sunshine skiing down the slopes of Lake Placid. It’s adventurous, but also likes to chill with a good book and a tasty beverage. It’s well-rounded, unassuming, and as natural as the sun and the snow doing a happy dance.

All our Straws are: Eco-Friendly / Marine Safe / Biodegradable / Gluten-Free / Compostable / Food-Grade / Super Durable / Fun & Functional / Made in the USA

Straw Dimensions: 7.75inches tall / 8mm OD (outer Diameter) / 6mm ID (inner Diameter)